IVF cost

Determining the exact price of an In Vitro Fertilization treatment is complicated because it depends on the circumstances of each woman, the attempts she undergoes, the diagnoses and, of course, the clinic and the country where the treatment is going to be provided.

In Vitro Fertilization consists of the fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoid in the laboratory with special media and incubators, hence its cost. This techniques require highly trained staff using expensive medical instruments and to carry them out. On top of this, the cost of the fungible materials, like surgical instruments or culture media is expensive as well.

Most private centers do not give their patients a budget until the first or even second visit and have a complete diagnosis about them.

Comparing pricelists of different clinics can be difficult sometimes. Additional techniques like ICSI or embryo freezing may or may not be included in the budget, for instance. It is very important to read the pricelist carefully and ask exactly what is included in the prices.

The prices for in vitro fertilization in Europe are around 3,000 to 4,000 euros per cycle and they usually include:

Ultrasound and blood controls during ovarian stimulation
Egg retrieval under anesthesia
Semen processing
In Vitro Fertilization
Embryo Culture
Transfer of embryos

Also, you should keep in mind that this would be the price in the case of a standard IVF. Usually, the use of sperm microinjection (ICSI) or embryo freezing are not included. With these additional techniques, the cost can increase up to 5,000 euros.

The medication needed for the ovarian stimulation has to be added to this price. These drugs are highly purified or recombinant hormones, and their cost is high. The IVF patient needs the administration of this medication for 10 t0 12 days, with an approximate cost (total treatment) of 1,000 to 1,200 euros.

It is very important to keep in mind that these prices include only one IVF cycle, that is to say one attempt. If as a result of the IVF cycle there are surplus embryos that can be frozen and the first transfer results are negative these embryos can be used. If the results are positive, they can be used to achieve another pregnancy in the future. In any case, the price for thawing these embryos and transfer them into the uterus is around 900 euros. This technique is known as frozen embryo transfer.

If there were no surplus embryos frozen, it will be needed to start the cycle again, and therefore another IVF payment scheme should apply and more medication would be needed.

Knowing the price of an In Vitro Fertilization treatment can be frustrating. Most of the clinics offer financing for the treatments, but in any case the choice should not be made with only financial terms in mind. Objective data regarding clinical outcome and subjective feelings towards the clinic staff should be considered.

More information: www.invitrov.com (spanish)